Why Attend

Embark on a journey where fashion’s elite converge. Discover unparalleled opportunities and reasons why this is the event you can’t afford to miss.

Are you a...

The Southeast Asia Fashion Week  is a 360° event. There are moments for any single kind of person… Select here who you are, and we will tell you why you need to participate.

Why STORES should participate

Exclusive Product Access

Get first dibs on exclusive collections, setting your store apart from competitors.

Network with Global Brands

Build relationships directly with international designers and producers, facilitating better business deals.

Knowledge Sharing

Attend workshops and panels, gaining insights on the latest industry trends and best practices.

Logistics Solutions

Explore efficient shipping and delivery solutions tailored to boutique needs.

Why DISTRIBUTORS should participate

Exclusive Deals

Leverage your distribution strength to get exclusivity deals or regional partnerships.

Efficient Scalability

Identify brands and products that can be scaled across multiple stores in different regions.

Trend Forecasting

Attend panels and workshops to anticipate future trends and position your brand stores accordingly.

Strategic Networking

Connect with other major players, fostering collaborations and potential joint ventures

Why FASHION STYLIST should participate

Peer Networking

Connect with other stylists, exchange ideas, and potentially collaborate on projects.

Direct Brand Connections

Build relationships directly with brands for collaborations or exclusive access.

Skill Enhancement

Participate in workshops to hone your skills and learn new techniques.

Trend Spotting

Be the first to identify and work with emerging global trends, enhancing your stylist portfolio.

Why DEPARTMENT STORES should participate

Optimized Inventory

Engage with brands for consignment opportunities or better inventory management solutions.

Exclusive Partnerships

Engage brands for exclusive in-store launches or collaborations.

Operational Efficiency

Explore potential logistics and operational solutions tailored for large-scale retailers.

Strategic Buying

Use the B2B event to make strategic bulk purchases, optimizing costs.

Why END CUSTOMERS should participate

Exclusive Access

Be among the first to see and buy the latest international fashion products.

Exclusive Purchases

Buy products that might not be immediately available in the market.

Fashion Education

Attend panels and discussions to deepen your understanding of the fashion world.

Fashion Extravaganza

Experience a week of fashion shows, parties, and events – a dream for every fashion lover.